WM Premiere: Nakom

WM Premiere: Nakom

Wednesday 21 September 6.55pm

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  • WM Premiere: Nakom
  • The Nest
  • September 1, 2016

The first-ever Ghanaian film to be accepted into the Berlin International Film Festival, Nakom is a heart-rending take on the age-old conflict between social and scientific progress and stone-set tradition.

The film tells the story of Iddrisu, a talented medical student who must return to his hometown of Nakom in northern Ghana after his father’s sudden death. His hometown is a very traditional native farming village and not very adaptable to social change. Iddrisu discovers on top of his father’s death that his family has accumulated a massive debt, with no way to pay it back. Caught up in a world of family obligations, Iddrisu has to make a choice about his future – return to his life as a professional in the city, or stay in his village and take on the patriarchal role as caretaker of his family.


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