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  • June 27, 2016

From the seductive to the shocking- tune in every weekend night for your favourite adults only films.

WM Adult is three nights a week- every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, where there will be even more of the scandalous, sexy films you love.

Coming up in July…


Friday 1 July 8.30pm (Australian Television Premiere)

Mata Hari (USA, 1985)
Based loosely on the real-life story of Mata Hari, an exotic dancer who was accused of spying for Germany during The First World War. Using her contacts in European high society, along with her seductive charm, Mata Hari collects military secrets during the war to successfully play both sides against each other – until at last her deceptions catch up with her.

Saturday 2 July 8.30pm (Australian Television Premiere)

Gang Bang (A Modern Love Story) (France, 2015)
George, a pretty teen girl, falls in love with Alex. To get his attention, she initiates a game with their friends, discovering, testing and pushing the limits of their sexuality. When the nature of their activities is revealed, each of them deals with the scandal in radically different ways. Faced with the implosion of their value systems, they move on by reassessing their priorities, finding love and their real desires.

Sunday 3 July 8.30pm

The Duke Of Burgundy (UK, 2014)
When butterfly collector Cynthia hires a new housekeeper, Evelyn, the relationship soon turns sexual. In time, their role-playing transforms Evelyn from employee to personal slave – even though she’s the real boss.

Sunday 10 July 8.30pm (Australian Television Premiere)

Lady Chatterley’s Lover (UK, 1981)
Lady Constance Chatterley is a young married woman, whose upper-class husband, Clifford Chatterley, a handsome, well-built man, has been paralysed from the waist down due to a Great War injury. His physical and emotional neglect of Constance forces distance between them, leading Constance into a torrid affair with her gamekeeper. A dramatic whirlwind romance based on the famous DH Lawrence novel of the same name, which was originally banned in Australia.

Sunday 17 July 8.30pm

Fat Girl A.K.A For My Sister (France, 2000)
From Catherine Breillat, provocative director of Romance, comes a confronting tale of teenage sexual encounters, with a graphic and savage ending. Nominated for Golden Bear at the Berlin Film Festival.

Friday 22 July 8.30pm

Betty Blue (France, 1986)
Director’s cut of the electrifying cult classic. Desire blinds a man to Betty’s stormy destruction. Nominated for Oscar, Golden Globe and BAFTA awards for Best Foreign Language Film. Stars Beatrice Dalle.

Saturday 23 July 8.30pm

Showgirls (USA, 1995)
Nomi Malone, a mysterious young girl with the ambition to dance, embarks on a journey to Las Vegas to become a showgirl in a high-class hotel show. She gets a job as a lap dancer at the seedy Cheetah Club, but after a chance meeting with Cristal Connors, the star of ‘Goddess’, Nomi manages to secure an audition for a spot in the chorus line. However, she soon realises that fame comes with a price. Her friendships, morals and soul are put to the test as she works her way up the ladder to become the star of the show.

Sunday 24 July 8.30pm

Anatomy Of Hell (France, 2004)
A woman is discovered in the middle of a suicide attempt in a bar. She employs the man who finds her to watch over her for four nights when she is ‘unwatchable’ and discusses her views on sex and sexuality.

Friday 29 July 8.30pm (Australian Television Premiere)

Nekromantik (Germany, 1987)    
Graphic, low-budget gore-shocker about Rob and Betty, a couple of ordinary necrophiles who apparently don’t mind if their dead sexual partners are not so fresh. Rob’s job affords him the opportunity to bring home corpses and the odd body part. When he loses his job, he loses Betty, and Rob’s life gets really bizarre.

Saturday 30 July 8.30pm (Australian Television Premiere)

Salon Kitty (Italy, 1976)
Kitty runs a brothel in Nazi Germany where the soldiers come to ‘relax’. Recording devices have been installed in each room by a power hungry army official who plans to use the information to blackmail Hitler and gain power himself. A girl named Margherita discovers the little ploy, and with Kitty’s help plans to take on the dangerous task of exposing the conspiracy.

Sunday 31 July 8.30pm

Caligula (USA, 1979)
Starring Helen Mirren, Malcolm McDowell and Peter O’Toole, ‘Caligula’ details the graphic and shocking, yet undeniably tragic story of Rome’s most infamous Caesar, Gaius Germanicus Caligula.



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