Sex Life of Plants

WM Premiere: Sex Life of Plants

Friday 30 September 6.50pm

Australian Television Premiere

  • WM Premiere: Sex Life of Plants
  • World Movies admin
  • September 2, 2016

Sex Life of Plants is Chilean director, Sebastian Brahm’s second feature film, about love, loss and letting go.¬†After a head injury turns Barbara’s beloved Guille into a dimwit stranger, she ceases to feel any desire for him. Nearing 35, and longing for motherhood, she is forced to make the difficult decision to settle with a new partner, while the memory of lost love still harrows her.


Sex Life of Plants maintains an atmosphere of hesitant expectation in which details may be left unspoken, yet psychological depth is satisfyingly pushed to the fore.”

Jay Weissberg, Variety.

A subtle, understated drama built on very solid emotional foundations.”

Jonathan Holland, The Hollywood reporter


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