Wonder Women

Why celebrate Wonder Women?

Starts Wednesday 8 March 8.30pm

Australian Television Premiere

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  • Why celebrate Wonder Women?
  • Annabelle Fitzherbert
  • March 7, 2017

This 8 March, countries all around the world come together to celebrate International Women’s Day.

On this day, we recognise the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. It’s a day for unity, celebration, reflection, advocacy and action.

By supporting International Women’s Day you, along with millions of others, unite to call for a better, more gender equal world. It’s a day for the movement to come together and call on the international community to do better for women, by creating a world that is:

– Inclusive of all genders
– Women and girls achieve their ambitions
– Challenges conscious and unconscious bias
– Calls for gender-balanced leadership
– Values women and men’s contributions equally
– Creates inclusive flexible cultures

Yet, there is still much work still to be done. With the World Economic Forum predicting the gender gap won’t close entirely until 2186, there’s no better time to be #BeBoldForChange.

World Movies too is joining the movement with 5 nights of cutting edge female cinema about fearsome, fabulous and feisty women. Hosted and chosen by Australian advocate for equal rights, Gretel Killeen, here’s why these five films are not to be missed with International Women’s Day:

Wednesday 8 March 8.30pm

Why have so many societies throughout history sought to control women? Is it because women are weak and need guidance or is it because societies are often terrified of the strength and power within us? These are just some of questions Mustang asks us.

“Mustang is a coming of age movie, it’s a celebration of sisterhood, it’s a triumph over oppression, it’s about unquestioned cruelty. And I think the joy and tragedy of these 5 spirited young women challenging the doctrine of their family and society, will both provoke and inspire you. It raises questions about culture, tradition, power and beauty and whether the human spirit can ever truly be extinguished by those who have more power.” – Gretel Killeen

Thursday 9 March 8.30pm

Can a story about a dowdy middle aged office worker growing a tail really be a metaphor for her growth as a woman or is it a sign of something far more sinister?

Sometimes referred to as a modern day fable, Zoology is the story of a bullied and downtrodden woman who grows a tail, blossoms to lead a happier and richer life, but in doing so, becomes ostracised by her community.

What will you make of Zoology?

“I’ve chosen to include this film in our little festival because I think it’s about the far too common reality, throughout history and the world, of society persecuting women who are different…free spirited, sexual, individual or outspoken.” – Gretel Killeen

Girls Lost
Friday 10 March 8.30pm

What would it be like to wake up as a male? Would you feel stronger, more powerful, more entitled, more capable? What affect does my gender label have on my loves, my life, my day to day existence?

Described as part fairy tale, part coming of age movie, Girls Lost explores not only the agony of ostracisation, the desire to fit in and the anguish of growing up in the wrong body, but also the pressures, expectations and limitations that gender labelling enforces.

“I’ve chosen to include this film in our Wonder Women festival because it’s timely and insightful within the current global conversation where gender identity is being spoken more loudly and publicly in many facets of our lives, from laws to health care to school uniforms to public amenities to fashion to relationship status to recognition on the national census.” – Gretel Killeen

The Handmaiden
Saturday 11 March 8.30pm

How can two gentle young women triumph over their manipulators? Can they ever turn the tables on the men who have cast them as pawns in their own cruel games?

Internationally acclaimed for its art direction and disarmingly gentle yet profound performances, The Handmaiden is a wonderful tale of passion, betrayal, deception and power. Set in the 1930’s in Japanese occupied Korea, The Handmaiden is an intellectual, sexual and sensual tale of manipulation.

“You will cherish The Handmaiden for its portrayal of two female characters that refuse to comply with either society, or any man’s view, of their supposed place. And because it reminds us that you underestimate the power of women at your own peril.” – Gretel Killeen


What does it take for any of us to betray all that we have ever valued and all those whom we have ever loved?

B for Boy is the first feature film from female-Nigerian director Chika A-a-doo. It tells the story of a pregnant career woman, mother and wife who is faced with losing everything if she does not give birth to a son.

It is also the story of the lengths a woman will take to save her life and her relationships with those she loves. It is an insight into a culture many of us would be unaware of. The story is beautifully told, performed and directed and a window into a world where women struggle with cultural repression…and the oppressors can be women doing what they think is right.

“As we watch a loving, successful, kind and intelligent woman decide to betray herself and those she loves we’re forced to wonder just who and what rule over our lives, if we’re ever alone to make our decisions and what are the boundaries when it comes to fighting for your life?” – Gretel Killeen

Don’t miss Wonder Women, starts Wednesday 8 March 8.30pm.

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