The Fat & The Angry

Tuesday 15 December - Wednesday 16 December 2015 8.30pm

Australian Television Premiere

  • The Fat & The Angry
  • World Movies admin
  • April 8, 2016

Airing over two explosive nights and inspired by actual events, this gritty Nordic thriller is a violent tale of fraud, corruption, deception, racism and murder, laced with scathing social comment and black humour, and exposing the dark side of Sweden’s second largest city.

A pair of young lovers witness a violent explosion with burning body parts flying all over the place. They have no idea that this horrible incident is the beginning of one of the most bizarre police investigations in the dark underworld of Gothenburg. The police soon connect a young man to the explosion but it is not as simple as it seems and soon the multi-faceted truth unfolds involving high-end thieves, brutal criminals and corrupt politicians.

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