WM Adult: Summer of Sin

Weekends in January from 8.30pm

Australian Television Premiere

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  • WM Adult: Summer of Sin
  • Annabelle Fitzherbert
  • December 23, 2016

It’s forecast to be the hottest summer on record as WM Adult: Summer of Sin returns with four salacious weeks of adult films. Once again we’ll spice up your summer nights with the most seductive and scandalous cinema across January, with 24 sensual titles, including four Australian TV premieres.

It’s time to turn on the television and turn up the heat with WM Adult: Summer of Sin.


Australian TV Premieres

Fragments of Love
Saturday 7 January 8.30pm

Get hot and bothered with Fragments of  Love. This highly charged erotic tale of seduction and destruction tells the story of lovers, Susana and Rodrigo. Every night, Susana divulges to Rodrigo a story about her sexual encounters with past lovers. Rodrigo, reluctant to hear her stories, soon lets go as they relive each and every one of Susana’s sensual memories.


Getaway of Love
Saturday 14 January 8.30pm

Italian supermarket cashier, Giuliana has been with Martin for ten years in an unremarkable marriage made up of quiet days, a union fortified over time and largely without crisis. One day, two masked robbers burst into the supermarket where she works, taking her hostage. A policeman on a nearby stakeout, Leonardo, intervenes and saves Giuliana. Afterwards her life is never the same. And neither is his…

Amateur Teens

Saturday 21 January 8.30pm

Amateur Teens is a modern tragedy about a group of 14-year-old schoolchildren whose daily life is shaped by the power of social media and ever-increasing sexualisation through the Internet.

Porn to be Free

Saturday 28 January 8.30pm

Porn to be Free is the first documentary giving an insight into 70’s Italian porn and tracing the industry’s incredible genesis from the first magazines, photo-shoots and censorship issues, to its political and social repercussions — such as the parliamentary election of porn star Ilona Staller (Cicciolina).

Friday 6 January 8.30pm

Belle De Jour
Friday 6 January 10.15pm

Fragments Of Love
Saturday 7 January 8.30pm

The Orgasm Diaries
Saturday 7 January 10.15pm

Sunday 8 January 8.30pm

Enter the void
Friday 13 January 8.30pm

Friday 13 January 10.50pm

Getaway of Love
Saturday 14 January 8.30pm

Saturday 14 January 10.05pm

The story of 0 3: Untold Pleasures
Sunday 15 January 8.30pm

The Model
Sunday 15 January 10.10pm

After Eden
Friday 20 January 8.30pm

Friday 20 January 9.55pm

Amateur Teens
Saturday 21 January 8.30pm

Saturday 21 January 10.05pm

9 Songs
Sunday 22 January 8.30pm

Sunday 22 January 9.40pm

Friday 27 January 8.30pm

The Cantebury Tales
Friday 27 January 10.40pm

Porn to be Free
Saturday 28 January 8.30pm

Salon Kitty
Saturday 28 January 9.50pm

Sunday 29 January 10.10pm

Brilliant Love
Sunday 29 January 11.45pm

Don’t miss WM Adult: Summer of Sin, weekends in January from 8.30pm.

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