WM Storytellers: Ida
WM Storytellers: Ida

WM Storytellers: Ida

Wednesday 16 November 8.30pm

World Movies Channel Premiere

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  • WM Storytellers: Ida
  • Annabelle Fitzherbert
  • November 1, 2016

From acclaimed Polish director Pawel Pawlikowski comes Ida, described by The New Yorker as “a film masterpiece” and “an excavation of truth in post-war Poland” by The New York Times.

It’s 1962 and Anna, an orphan brought up by nuns in a convent, is about to take her vows. She is told to pay Wanda, her only living relative, a visit before she makes this momentous decision to dedicate her life to the salvation of others, forever.

After seeing Wanda, Anna discovers a dark family secret dating back to the years of German occupation, compelling both women to rewind the clock and seek answers to their family’s tragic past.

In the process, Anna is about to discover who she really is and where she belongs.

What will she believe now?

In this film, Pawlikowski captures the grim mood of a forgotten Poland brilliantly. He films entirely in black and white, using winter greys, grainy shots and blurred shadows, along with stunning cinematography of Poland, that together, creates an ever-heavy and sombre mood.

Watch Ida on Wednesday 16 November at 8.30pm – part of World Movies Storytellers: 30 Films From Across the Globe, 8.30pm every night in November.

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