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Australian Television Premiere

  • WM Focus On: Mads Mikkelsen
  • Annabelle Fitzherbert
  • December 2, 2016

Sundays in December, World Movies celebrates the on-screen life of Danish actor, gymnast, heart throb and total bad guy, Mads Mikkelsen. World Movies is bringing you selection of some of Mads’ best movies, including the Australian TV premieres of critically acclaimed Men & Chicken and The Salvation, as well as Charlie Countryman and Valhalla Rising.


Men & Chicken 
Sunday 4 December 6.40pm

A dark slapstick comedy about family dysfunction, ugliness and deformity. Men & Chicken dishes up its weight’s worth of wackiness in this bizarre tale of two strange brothers who discover the horrible truth about themselves and their relatives. Mads Mikkelsen, as compulsive masturbator Elias,  is nearly unrecognisable with a cleft lip, fake teeth and kookiness. Meanwhile, his half-brother Gabriel (David Dencik), is an intellectual with an over-pronounced gag reflex. 


The Salvation
Sunday 11 December 6.55pm

A Danish western where the mighty Mads plays the part of a peaceful American ex-soldier who unleashes a maelstrom of bloodshed when his family is murdered. With smoldering performances by Eva Green, don’t miss The Salvation as Mads lays waste to the scoundrels who killed is wife and son in the dazzling frontier landscapes of way-back-when.


Charlie Countryman
Sunday 18 December at 6.45pm

Charlie Countryman is an American-Romanian psychological, romantic, comedy-drama and directorial debut of Fredrik Bond. With a all-star cast, Charlie (Shia LaBeouf) falls for a cello-playing, sharp-shooting Romanian beauty whose unreachable heart (Rachel Evan Wood) belongs to her violent and charismatic ex-husband, Nigel (Mads Mikkelsen). Yet nothing can stop the self-indulgent and narcissistic Charlie.


Valhalla Rising
Sunday 25 December 6.55pm

Set in 1000 AD, Valhalla Rising is a Danish adventure drama where a mute warrior with supernatural strength, One-Eye (Mads Mikkelsen) is travelling with a band of Christian Crusaders by ship in the hope of finding the Holy Land. As their vessel becomes engulfed by an endless fog, the Vikings confront their terrible and bloody fate.


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