Xavier Dolan Double

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  • Xavier Dolan Double
  • World Movies admin
  • April 4, 2016

Xavier Dolan represents a new generation in international filmmaking. At age 18 he wowed critics and audiences alike with his break-through film I Killed My Mother – which he directed, wrote and starred in. It won awards around the world, including three at Cannes Film Festival 2009, for being a highly original and beautifully realised film about a mother-son relationship.

He followed it with the award-winning Heartbeats, an emotional and hilarious exploration of friendship and young love. World Movies brings you the Australian Television Premiere of both his films, playing back-to-back over one night.

I Killed My Mother (Canada, 2009) – Thursday 25 October 8.30pm
Hubert Minel hates his mother. At sixteen-years-old he is drifting through the mysteries of adolescence – from artistic discoveries to illicit experiences and sexual experimentation – the last thing he needs is a nagging mother. Through his contempt he can only see her tacky sweaters, the irritating way she eats, and her apparent manipulation. This ground-breaking look at mother-son relationships won Xavier Dolan, the writer, director and star, international acclaim.

Heartbeats (Canada, 2010) – Thursday 25 October 10.10pm
Francis and Marie have it all – youth, good looks and a best friendship that is indestructible. That is, until the night they both meet a beautiful young man named Nicolas at a dinner party, and instantly fall for him. A casual crush turns into an emotional obsession for them both, and as they pursue him with dinners, parties and trips to the countryside, their friendship falls apart. This touching and hilarious film about young love and friendship is the second feature from maverick young writer/director Xavier Dolan.

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