World Movies Sundance Marathon

  • World Movies Sundance Marathon
  • World Movies admin
  • April 4, 2016

It’s the film festival that makes an indie film into a cult phenomenon. Celebrate the Opening Night of the 2012 Sundance Film Festival with a marathon of films which have won in previous years.

At 6.30pm, the Chilean black comedy The Maid won the World Cinema Grand Jury prize. It follows Raquel, who has been a loyal maid for 23 years until she falls ill and must finally let her guard down. Then Jordanian Audience Award winning film Captain Abu Raed is a lonely janitor who entertains the local kids with fictional stories of his life as a pilot.

Winner of the Dramatic Grand Jury prize, Girlfight stars Michelle Rodriguez in the compelling story of one woman’s life in the boxing ring at 10pm. Finally Sleep Dealer finishes the night, with the dystopic sci-fi film from Sundance 2008.

Throughout the evening, four of the biggest Australian filmmakers – Gregor Jordan, Brendan Fletcher, Matt Saville (Noise) and Keith Thompson (Clubland) also give their first-hand experiences of showing films at Sundance. Chatting about everything from Harvey Weinstein falling asleep in a screening, to a wild audience’s furious attack on the cinema, these behind-the-scenes interviews give you a personal account of how they took their film to Sundance and their unbelievable experiences once they arrived.

Settle in for a night of award-winning independent cinema on World Movies.

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