World Movies Screen Sirens

  • World Movies Screen Sirens
  • The Nest
  • May 10, 2016

Monday 9 May – Saturday 14 May 2016, 8.30pm

Style Icons, Acting Trailblazers, Legendary Beauties

World Movies Screen Sirens celebrates the iconic women of international cinema. Whether they’re fresh-faced starlets, beautiful bombshells or classic femme fatales, famous women have defined international cinema for decades. World Movies has compiled the definitive list and is asking viewers to vote for their favourite.

Online voting will determine the order of the 10 films which made these leading ladies famous, screened over one femme fatale-filled week. The countdown will start Monday 9 May 8:30pm, and run throughout the week with two movies a night, culminating in a marathon on the Saturday from 8.30am.

The sirens (in alphabetical order) and their respective films include:

Brigitte Bardot  brig-bardot-580_67468a
One of the true icons of pop culture, Brigitte Bardot was at the height of her beauty and iconic status in Jean Luc Godard’s Contempt.
The story centers on a screenwriter in the middle of his first big movie shoot, his gorgeous wife – played by Bardot – and the shady film producer who comes between them.


Catherine Deneuve Catherine Deneuve + Belle de Jour
Belle De Jour
Deneuve plays the prim young wife of a respectable surgeon who, not satisfied with married life, takes on a part-time job in the sort of establishment most of her peers would find unsavoury. Heralded by many critics as the performance of her career, it has been suggested that Denueve’s natural ice queen demeanour is what made her perfect for the part.


Ludivine SagnierLudavine
Swimming Pool
Labelled by critics as the “new Bardot” Ludivine Sagnier gives a stellar performance in Francois Ozon’s suspense thriller Swimming Pool. She’s the hot French intensity to co-star Charlotte Rampling’s cool no-nonsense Britishness.


Monica Bellucci 
How Much Do You Love Me?
She began her career as a model and she became a Bond girl at age 51. Like a fine wine, Monica Belluci gets better with age. She often plays the kind of woman who drives men to distraction and the weak-hearted chap in this film is no exception.


Paz Vega Paz
Sex & Lucia
Back in 2002 the BBC called Sex & Lucia “an intoxicating experience” and that is in no small part thanks to Paz Vega. Vega plays Lucia, a reckless and obsessive waitress who stalks her favourite author and convinces him he can’t live without her.


Penélope Cruzbroken_embraces07
Broken Embraces
In her 4th collaboration with Pedro Almodóvar, Cruz plays a call girl-turned-actress whose desperate need calls for desperate measures. Crammed with passion, plot twists and lies, Broken Embraces is like a pop art coloured melodrama with a large dose of Hitchcock thrown in for good measure.


Sophia LorenMarriage-italian-style-7073_4
Marriage Italian Style
She’s been on countless “world’s most beautiful” lists and says she owes her figure to spaghetti, but for the woman who turned down the role of Barbarella, her career hasn’t just been about her looks. In this role she earned her second of what would become a record holding six David di Donatello Awards for Best Actress.


Lea Seydouxfmq_08cfa
Farewell, My Queen
She’s won the top prize at Cannes, saved the world alongside James Bond and Ethan Hunt, but in Farewell, My Queen Léa Seydoux plays the personal reader to glamorous, hedonistic and ill-fated Marie Antoinette. Serving her queen with absolute devotion, her loyalty just might turn out to be the nail in her coffin.


Scarlett JohanssonScar Jo
Match Point
Scarlett Johansson, like many greats before her, became Woody Allen’s muse for a while and in Match Point you can see why Allen loves to point the camera her way. Scarlett was nominated for a Golden Globe for her portrayal in Match Point of a struggling young American actress who becomes the obsession of a young Irish hustler.


Sylvia KristelSylvia-Kristel-emm_2372937k
The delicate Dutch beauty who became hugely famous in the 70s for her titillating films, Sylvia Kristel stars in the erotic French classic Emmanuelle.


World Movies Screen Sirens starts Monday 9 May, 8.30pm AEST

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