WM War Week

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  • WM War Week
  • World Movies admin
  • April 4, 2016

In the week of ANZAC Day, World Movies pays tribute with nightly war films that expose the brutality, camaraderie and courage of wartime. Featuring five films from France, Germany and the Netherlands, this is a week of compelling viewing, starting with the Australian television premiere of The Round Up.

The Round Up (France, 2002) – Monday 23 April 8.30pm
Simon is an eleven-year-old boy who sees his whole world turned upside down when the Parisian occupation during WWII begins. This is the true story of the 1942 mass arrest of Jews – the “Vel’ d’Hiv Roundup” – and the events and people surrounding it. Every character is based on a real person and every event – no matter how extreme – really occurred.

City Of War: The John Rabe Story (France, 2009) – Tuesday 24 April 8.30pm
In the tradition of Schindler’s List, director Florian Gallenberger’s emotional true story finds humans triumphant amidst the darkest of tragedy during the invasion of Nanking.

Winter In Wartime (Netherlands, 2008) – Wednesday 25 April 8.30pm
Thirteen year-old Michiel is drawn into the war after coming to the aid of a British paratrooper. His naively defiant ways are soon met with the harsh realities of battle, in this tale of growing up through war.

The Army Of Crime (France, 2009) – Thursday 26 April 8.30pm
As the German advance continues across Europe, Armenian poet Missak Manouchian (Simon Abkarian) leads a rag-tag band of freedom fighters against a powerful enemy.

Das Boot (Germany, 1981) – Friday 27 April 8.30pm
Nominated for six Oscars, Das Boot is still regarded as one of the greatest war films ever made for its claustrophobic exploration of life on a German U-Boat.

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