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  • WM: Venice
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  • April 4, 2016

To celebrate the beginning of the Venice Film Festival 2012, World Movies have planned a week of international films that made it big at the festival.
The week includes Silver Lion winners Women Without Men (2009) and The Last Circus (2010), alongside Golden Lion nominee The Solitude of Prime Numbers (2010). There’s also Todd Solondz’s darkly hilarious film Life During Wartime, and the Palestinian story of Miral, both of which premiered at the Venice Film Festival.

Life During Wartime (USA, 2009) – Monday 3 September 8.30pm
Allison Janney stars in this story of three sisters, struggling to make sense of their marriages, families and friends. Life During Wartime is controversial director Todd Solondz’s follow-up to his acclaimed film Happiness.


Women Without Men (Austria, Germany, 2009) – Tuesday 4 September 8.30pm
Set against the tumultuous backdrop of Iran’s 1953 coup, Women Without Men follows four women from different families and classes, as they survive hardships at home and their lives come together.

The Solitude of Prime Numbers (Italy, 2010) – Wednesday 5 September 8.30pm
Both Alice and Mattia are fated by childhood accidents to live as outsiders, outcasted by others. After becoming friends as teenagers they go their separate ways, until one day they are reunited in Italy.


Miral (France, India, Israel, Italy, 2010) – Thursday 6 September 8.30pm
After being brought up in a Jerusalem orphanage Miral is naïve to the conflict surrounding her. At 17 she is sent to work in a Palestinian refugee camp and soon falls for an activist from a different world.


The Last Circus (Spain, 2010) – Friday 7 September 8.30pm
Winner of Best Director and Best Screenplay at the Venice Film Festival 2008, this is a surreal portrayal of Spain’s Civil War. A feuding “Happy Clown” and “Sad Clown” fight over the beautiful performer Natalya.

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