World Movies Uncut

Monday 23 March - Friday 27 March 2015 9.30pm

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  • World Movies admin
  • April 4, 2016

This March World Movies brings you five films you can’t see anywhere else – uncensored, unapologetic, and uncut over one controversial week. Featuring a selection of international, critically-acclaimed films that push the boundaries, WM Uncut includes Stanley Kubrick’s dystopian classic A Clockwork Orange; French-Canadian horror flick Martyrs; Australian exploitation cult-classic Alvin Purple; Neo-noir mystery thriller Oldboy and the provocative-yet-emotional Shame.

Monday 23 March 9.30pm
A Clockwork Orange (USA, 1971)
In future Britain, charismatic delinquent Alex DeLarge is jailed and volunteers for an experimental aversion therapy developed by the government in an effort to solve society’s crime problem, but not all goes according to plan.

Tuesday 24 March 9.30pm
Martyrs (Canada, 2008)
Lucie escapes from an abandoned abattoir after years of torture, and is put into an orphanage. There she meets Anna and the two embark on a twisted and traumatising adventure to avenge Lucie’s suffering.

Wednesday 25 March 9.30pm
Alvin Purple (Australia, 1973)
This hilarious and controversial sex-romp follows Alvin, an ordinary Australian guy who works in a waterbed store. Remarkably, he is always pursued by over-sexed women, which constantly gets him into hot water.

Thursday 26 March 9.30pm
Oldboy (South Korea, 2003)
Intense and unpredictable, Korean filmmaker Chan-wook Park’s ultimate revenge thriller was winner of Grand Prize of the Jury and nominated for Palme d’Or at 2003 Cannes International Film Festival.

Friday 27 March 9.30pm
Shame (United Kingdom, 2011)
Brandon (Michael Fassbender) shuns intimacy with women but feeds his desires with a compulsive addiction to sex. When his sister (Carey Mulligan) moves in stirring memories of their painful past, he spirals out of control.

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