Our picks of top horror scenes to make you squirm

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  • Our picks of top horror scenes to make you squirm
  • World Movies admin
  • November 17, 2014

Halloween is almost here, and WM Killer Halloween will be bringing you five terrifying nights of television from this Monday 27 October at 9.30pm. To get your nerves sufficiently prepared, we have compiled a selection of terrifying scenes from some of the very best horror films.

Click through to the linked clips if you dare, but don’t blame us if you lose sleep!

(1990, USA)

The ‚Äòhobbling’ scene
Kathy Bates is superb as she delivers a calm, seemingly rehearsed monologue to a restrained James Caan. In the background the rolling melody of Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata can be heard, emphasising the present calm, yet ominously promising the approach of something much darker. The unbearable, tortuous element in this scene is the fact that the audience knows exactly what is coming, but can do nothing to stop it.
Watch it here

Let the Right One In
Let the Right One In
(2008, Sweden)
The ‚Äòinvite’ scene
Childhood innocence pervades this scene as Oskar, a young boy, tests the boundaries of inviting a vampire into his abode. When his vampire friend Eli crosses the threshold, the viewer must wait with baited breath for the consequences, which manifest in a truly horrific manner. Only Oskar can stop the pain, one can’t help silently imploring him to release us as the pressure builds intolerably.
Watch it here

The Audition
The Audition
(1999, Japan)
The ‚Äòdisturbing’ scene
Quite honestly, this scene is difficult to endure. It all starts as a man emerges from a sack, and from there on it will take all your resolve to keep watching. This is one that truly has to be seen to be believed.
Watch it here, (if you dare)

The Orphanage
The Orphanage (2007, Spain)
The ‚Äòbathroom’ scene
A sinister child with inhuman qualities in a terrifying mask, what more could you want in a horror scene? Mystery and apprehension are abundant as animalistic noises emerge from the masked child, as he slowly paces down the hall, getting closer. What lies beneath that mask? The suspense is almost too much.
Watch it here

The Ring
The Ring
(1998, Japan)
The ‚Äòtelevision’ scene
The Japanese really seem to do horror best. The final scene (*spoiler alert) begins with the television switching itself on, showing an eerie black and white image of the well where the young girl, Sadako, was killed. Sadako soon emerges from the well, clawing her way towards the doomed Ry≈´ji as he struggles with the terror gripping his heart.
Watch it here

Blair Witch Project
The Blair Witch Project
(1999, USA)

The ‚Äòhouse’ scene
Yet another (*spoiler alert). The final scene of this cult classic sees the remaining two students enter a house in a frightened panic as a result of the recent disturbing happenings around them. They are alone in the woods, their other friend is missing, and they have just stumbled across a sinister house in the middle of a cold night. The pace quickens and hysteria soon takes over when the two characters hear a bone-chilling moan coming from the basement.
Watch it here

The Babadook (2014, Australia)
The ‚Äòmonster’ scene
The Babadook is a dark horror film that manages to slowly build a sinister atmosphere as an inhuman presence invades a family home. It shies away from jump scares and gore, instead delving into the fragility of the human mind and the heroine’s insecurities. This scene draws on the mother’s inability to act as she is overwhelmed by terror; helplessness is often the most frightening feeling a human can experience.
Watch it here

(2011, Australia)
The entire film
There isn’t one scene present in Snowtown that stands out as more disturbing than the rest of the film. This brutal Australian masterpiece, based on a true story, has the viewer squirming from start to finish. It’s not unusual to feel the need for a cleansing shower after experiencing this gritty, confronting film.
Watch the trailer here

Psycho (1960, USA)
The ‚Äòtruth about mother’ scene
One of founding films of horror, from the masterful mind of Alfred Hitchcock, is still as thrilling as ever. Norman Bates remains one of the most twisted and unsettling characters to grace the big screen. In this scene we chance upon the reveal of Norman’s dear mother, queue the familiar shrieking violins as the light swings to-and-fro, casting ominous shadows over the gruesome corpse.
Watch it here

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