WM: Til Schweiger

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  • WM: Til Schweiger
  • World Movies admin
  • April 4, 2016

The names speak for themselves – they are the brightest stars of world cinema. Every month World Movies showcases three of their most iconic films over three consecutive nights. This month, we focus on the beautiful Til Schweiger.

Rabbit Without Ears (Germany, 2007) – Tuesday 18 September 9.30pm
Featuring ‘Inglourious Basterds’ star Til Schweiger, a nerd’s plan to seek revenge on her high school bully backfires when she begins to fall for his irresistible charms. A box office hit in its native Germany.

Men In The City (Germany, 2009) – Wednesday 19 September 9.30pm
This all-star romantic comedy follows five friends who have nothing in common except they are hopeless at falling in love. They share their misadventures, each going from one woman to another in search of ‘the one’.

Kokowääh (Germany, 2011) РThursday 20 September 9.30pm
Til Schweiger stars as Henry, an unhappy writer who gets a second chance with the love of his life. Just as things begin to take off, a girl turns up on his doorstep – the child of a long forgotten one-night-stand.

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