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Friday 19 December - Sunday 18 January 9.30pm

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  • WM Summer of Sin
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  • April 4, 2016

It’s forecast to be the hottest summer on record as WM Summer of Sin returns for four salacious weeks from Friday 19 December 2014 – Sunday 18 January 2015. Once again we’ll spice up your summer nights with the most seductive and scandalous cinema from across the globe every night at 9.30pm. The line-up will present the very best Australian television premieres, fanatical indie favourites and classic adult titles – all in the comfort of your living room.

We’ll be kicking off in December with the critically acclaimed Blue Is The Warmest Colour, an epic emotional transformation as a young girl falls in love with an older woman. In 4.48 a young aspiring actress finds the role of a lifetime while beginning to explore her sexuality. The smart and sexy Concussion follows a wealthy, lesbian house-wife who begins to live double life in the world of prostitution after a blow to the head. Temperatures will soar as we bring you Nymphomaniac Vol I & Vol II, the fearlessly bold and indulgent tale of a self-diagnosed nymphomaniac on a trip of self-discovery.

The heatwave will continue in January in the raw and racy Six Acts, as a na√Øve teen pushes her sexual limits. Wetlands, described as ‚Äòthe most WTF NSFW movie’, sees an eccentric girl with strange attitudes towards sexuality try to reunite her divorced parents. A budding couple engages in a bizarre form of physical therapy in Love Battles and the documentary Like a Pascha explores why men are so sex obsessed by filming in the biggest brothel in Europe. Big Love explores the volatile relationship between Emilia and her older boyfriend and a corrupt policeman’s past catches up with him in Filth – a dark tale of sex, drugs and detective work.

We’ll also be celebrating the New Year with a steamy marathon, WM Summer of SIN NYD Triple Play, where you’ll be treated to three saucy films back-to-back.

With tales of Europe’s biggest brothel, teenage sexual discovery and secret lesbian counters it’s guaranteed to be a very steamy summer.

It’s time to turn on the television and turn up the heat with World Movies Summer of Sin.


Friday 19 December Blue Is The Warmest Colour (2013, France) – Australian Television Premiere
Saturday 20 December 99 Songs (2004, UK)
Sunday 21 December Hemel (2012, Netherlands)
Monday 22 December 4.48 (2014, France)– Australian Television Premiere
Tuesday 23 December Kink (2013, USA)
Wednesday 24 December Emmanuelle (1974, France)
Thursday 25 December Concussion (2012, USA) – Australian Television Premiere
Friday 26 December Emmanuelle II (1975, France)
Saturday 27 December Nymphomaniac Vol I (2013, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany) – Australian Television Premiere
Sunday 28 December Nymphomaniac Vol II (2013, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany) – Australian Television Premiere
Monday 29 December Clip (2012, Serbia)
Tuesday 30 December Emmanuelle III (1977, France)
Wednesday 31 December Shortbus (2006, USA)


Thursday 1 January Six Acts (2012, Israel) – Australian Television Premiere
Friday 2 January In The Realm Of The Senses (1976, Japan)
Saturday 3 January Emmanuelle IV (1984, France)
Sunday 4 January The Slut (2011, Germany, Israel)
Monday 5 January Wetlands (2013, Germany) – Australian Television Premiere
Tuesday 6 January Emmanuelle VI (1987, France)
Wednesday 7 January Diary of a Nymphomaniac (2008, Spain)
Thursday 8 January Love Battles (2013,France) – Australian Television Premiere
Friday 9 January Emmanuelle VII (1988, France)
Saturday 10 January A L’Aventure (2008, France)
Sunday 11 January Like A Pascha (2010, Sweden) – Australian Television Premiere
Monday 12 January Intimate Parts (2013, Russia)
Tuesday 13 January Bedways (2011, Germany)
Wednesday 14 January Big Love (2012, Poland) – Australian Television Premiere
Thursday 15 January Emmanuelle: Queen of the Galaxy (1994, USA)
Friday 16 January Puppylove (2013, France)
Saturday 17 January Filth (2013, UK) – Australian Television Premiere
Sunday 18 January Brilliantlove (The Orgasm Diaries) (2010, UK)

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