Sunday 25th January 2015 - Monday 26th January 2015

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  • April 4, 2016

This summer, WM SUMMER OF SIN filled your screens with the most seductive and scandalous cinema from across the globe. If you missed out, make sure to tune in this weekend for the WM SUMMER OF SIN MARATHON, where we present sexy films back-to-back for 24 hours.

Sunday 25 January

9.30pm Nymphomaniac Vol I (Denmark, 2013)
11.25pm Nymphomaniac Vol II (Denmark, 2013)

Monday 26 January

1.30am Love Battles (France, 2013)
3.15am Bedways (Germany, 2011)
4.35am Emmanuelle: Queen of the Galaxy (USA, 1994)
6.15am brilliantlove (The Orgasm Diaries) (UK, 2010)
7.55am 4.48 (France, 2014)
9.20am Six Acts (Israel, 2012)
11.00am Like a Pascha (Sweden, 2010)
11.55am Big Love (Poland, 2012)
1.35pm Filth (UK, 2013)
3.35pm Concussion (USA, 2012)
4.45pm Wetlands (Germany, 2013)
6.35pm Blue is the Warmest Colour (France, 2013)

Dare you to watch…

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