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  • June 12, 2014

What do men love more than sport?

World Movies answers this age old question next week when we bring you
World Movies Sex before Soccer.

Before the 2014 FIFA World Cup starts we’ll be heating you up by bringing you the best in international film. Every night from Monday June 2 two salacious films will go head-to-head with each steamy film originating from a country competing in the big game.

From Mexico to Japan, from the USA to Australia- these are just some of the countries competing and with just one week to go before kick- off, here’s your guide on who to support:

Night 1 Monday 2 June: France versus Brazil
Will France bring the heat as they compete against their notorious rivals Brazil? In our first round match we go on a dangerous journey of intense physical pleasure-seeking with France’s The Exterminating Angels and revisit an old favourite with Brazil’s Artificial Paradises.

Night 2 Tuesday 3 June: Germany versus United Kingdom
Our second night match will see Germany square off against their European competitors the United Kingdom. Germany has the slight advantage presenting an Australian television first with their film Little Thirteen against the UK’s Kelly + Victor which see’s darker instincts take over.

Night 3 Wednesday 4 June: USA versus Argentina
Who will prevail when underdogs USA go up against one of the most successful soccer countries in the world- Argentina? The USA presents an intimate portrait of an affair with 28 Hotel Rooms while Argentina shares dirty little secrets with 2 Plus 2.

Night 4 Thursday 5 June: Japan versus Netherlands
Japan goes head-to-head with the Netherlands with what is guaranteed to be one hell of a match. Japan’s Visitor Q follows the story of sex and violence when an out-of-work TV reporter decides to make a documentary about his family while the Netherlands looks at carnal desire told distinctly from a female perspective with Hemel.

Night 5 Friday 6 June: Australia versus Spain
Our last match could be considered the most contentious of all with our home country of Australia facing off against Spain. Australia brings to the table Felicity which sees a sheltered teen shed her inhibitions (and everything else) to a world of bold sexual adventure while Spain showcases Young and Wild following 17-year-old Daniela who is obsessed with sex.

Five nights, ten countries, one winner- you decide.

World Movies Sex Before Soccer starts Monday June 2 at 9.30pm.

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