WM Premiere: Outrage Beyond (Japan, 2010)

Thursday 26 June - Thursday 26 June 1399545000

Australian Television Premiere

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  • WM Premiere: Outrage Beyond (Japan, 2010)
  • World Movies admin
  • April 4, 2016

Action cinema master Takeshi Kitano returns to the hard boiled characters, black comedy and unflinching violence of his crime masterpiece Outrage in this exciting sequel.

This time, a manipulative police crackdown on organised crime has ignited a tricky power struggle in the yakuza underworld. As the police force prepares a full-scale crackdown, anti-gang detective Kataoka wants to start a war between crime families for their mutual destruction. His war incendiary device is the rumored dead boss Otomo (Kitano) who seeks to retire from a life of crime, but can’t help but get drawn back into the battle.

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