WM Premiere: Heart of a Lion (Finland, 2013)

Tuesday 22 December - Thursday 22 January 1421703000

Australian Television Premiere

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  • WM Premiere: Heart of a Lion (Finland, 2013)
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  • April 4, 2016

Fresh out of prison, Teppo is looking to start a new life. But as the leader of a white supremacist Neo-Nazi group, his options are limited. Meeting Sari, a beautiful waitress, leads to a completely unforeseen complication to his life. Disgusted by his political affiliations, Sari refuses to have anything more to do with Teppo. Yet he gradually wins her over, only to discover she has a 10 year-old mixed-race son, Rhamadhani.

Teppo is sent into a tailspin as his prejudices are challenged by his desire for love and a family. Hiding his relationship with the boy from his fellow skinheads is one thing, but the sudden arrival of his violence-prone brother Harri, AWOL from the army, forces Teppo to make some life-changing decisions.

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