WM Love Hurts

Friday 14th January from 6.30pm

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  • WM Love Hurts
  • World Movies admin
  • April 4, 2016

Give romance the flick and commemorate or commiserate the year’s most-hated Hallmark holiday with WM Love Hurts, as we bring you the finest films dedicated to the heartache of love. Celebrate a breakup with flair when a teacher has an affair with her student in A Teacher. Explore the more outlandish and violent side of physical attraction in Kelly + Victor, and two high-school sweethearts hit breaking point in the critically-acclaimed Blue Valentine.

Friday 14 February 6.30pm – Blue Valentine
Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams star as Dean and Cindy – a couple who fall passionately in love in their early twenties, but then face heartbreaking challenges to their marriage six years later.

Friday 14 February 8.25pm – A Teacher Australian Television Premiere
Diana, a young high school teacher in Austin, Texas, is in the midst of an affair with one of her students. As the costs of their relationship become clear, Diana tries to break it off – only to end up diving in even more recklessly than before.

Friday 14 February 9.45pm – Kelly + Victor Australian Television Premiere
When Kelly meets Victor on the dance floor of a Liverpool nightclub, the attraction is instant. After wandering through the night they find themselves at her flat, making love with a passion and urgency that neither had experienced before. Both Kelly and Victor are struggling to get by as best they can, while the people around them are choosing illegal lifestyles; she is escaping a brutish former lover, while he is being dragged into a world of drugs. It’s when they make love that their darker instincts take over.

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