WM Killer Instincts

Monday 26th May - Friday 30th May at 8.30pm

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  • WM Killer Instincts
  • World Movies admin
  • April 4, 2016

Spend a week inside a killer’s mind with WM Killer Instincts. Over five dangerous nights, World Movies presents the best in psychological thrillers from the most manic and merciless corners of the cinematic world.

Monday 26 May 8.30pm – Devil’s Double (Belgium, 2011)
Based on the shocking true story of Latif (Dominic Cooper), an Iraqi army lieutenant forced to become the body double of Saddam Hussein’s depraved and sadistic son, Uday.

Tuesday 27 May 8.30pm – The Weather Station (Russia, 2010) Australian Television Premiere
This Russian thriller see’s detectives investigating the disappearance of meteorologists on a remote mountain get sucked into a vortex of mistrust, betrayal and murder.

Wednesday 28 May 8.30pm – Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer (USA, 1986)
Michael Rooker stars in one of the world’s most disturbing and thought-provoking thrillers based on the true life serial killer, Henry Lee Lucas.

Thursday 29 May 8.30pm – No Rest for the Wicked (Spain, 2011) Australian Television Premiere
A dirty cop with a violent streak and a serious thirst for alcohol murders three people in a bar during a drunken rage, and must deal with a witness on the loose in this award-winning film.

Friday 30 May 8.30pm – Silver Tongues (USA,2011) Australian Television Premiere
Two lovers travel from town to town playing a dark game of deceit and manipulation that soon spirals out of control, threatening their very relationship.

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