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  • WM: Jean Reno
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  • April 4, 2016

Jean Reno is an actor as accomplished in his native France as he is in Hollywood. After leading roles in local films, he went on to star in some of the biggest US blockbusters of recent years including ‚ÄúThe Da Vinci Code‚Äù, ‚ÄúMission: Impossible‚Äù and more. World Movies celebrates his career with three of his most acclaimed performances in French films. Tune in for the Australian television premiere of ‚ÄúThe Chef‚Äù, where Reno plays an aging chef who must fight for his job when his bosses plan to bring in an experimental young replacement. There’s also the high-kicking action ‚ÄúWasabi‚Äù from the legendary Luc Besson, and the classic romantic comedy co-starring Juliette Binoche, ‚ÄúJet Lag‚Äù.

Monday 22 July 8.30pm – Channel Premiere
Wasabi (France, Japan, 2001)

From legendary French director Luc Besson – the legendary action filmmaker behind such adrenaline-pumping classics as The Professional and The Fifth Element – comes this hilarious high-impact adventure starring Jean Reno as a burly French cop traveling to Japan to settle an old debt. With his old-school tactics and pit-bull disposition, police detective Hubert Fiorentini (Reno) is all business. But his routine existence is disrupted when he learns the only woman he ever loved is dead. Summoned to Tokyo to settle her estate, he soon suspects her death was no accident. When he discovers that he is the father of her spirited teenaged daughter, things really get complicated.

Tuesday 23 July 8.30pm
Jet Lag (France, 2003)

Rose is a beautician trying to get away from her abusive boyfriend, Sergio, by accepting a job in Acapulco. Félix, an ex-chef, tries to work out business deals for a new line of frozen foods and to resume a relationship with Nadia, a former girlfriend. Rose and Félix meet at Paris airport during a strike. Rose asks to borrow Felix’s mobile phone. While he hands it over, he is clearly annoyed that someone should invade his privacy. This begins a series of prickly encounters that end up with Rose and Félix sharing a hotel room. They gradually discover that they have a lot in common.

Wednesday 24 July 8.30pm – Australian Television Premiere
The Chef (France, 2012)

The Chef

Jacky, a self-trained cook with haute-cuisine ambitions, gets canned from a series of menial cooking jobs. His pregnant girlfriend Beatrice tries to halt their financial meltdown by arranging a handyman position for him at a retirement village, but he can’t resist the siren call of the kitchen. He finally scores an unpaid chef job with celebrated master chef Alexandre Lagarde, who is facing a crisis of his own. The son of his retired business partner wants to cut costs by bringing in a new head chef and revamp the menu to reflect trendy molecular gastronomy.

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