WM: Italian Romance

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  • WM: Italian Romance
  • World Movies admin
  • April 4, 2016

World Movies celebrates Valentine’s Day with four nights of films in the language of love. Embrace the romance of Italy with our collection of enchanting films, including the Australian television premiere of ‘The Ages of Love’ starring Robert De Niro and Monica Bellucci. There’s also the premiere of the Italian smash Hit “Welcome To The South’, and the hilarious ‘Escort in Love’. Extend your Valentine’s love-in, with our heart-warming celebration.

Welcome To The South (Italy, 2010) Monday 11 February 8.30pm
Post office worker Monza Alberto lives comfortably in the north of Italy, until a work prank backfires and he is transferred to the south. He must overcome his prejudice about the people and province, in this acclaimed comedic adventure.

Kiss Me Again (Italy, 2006) Tuesday 12 February 8.30pm
Ten years after The Last Kiss comes this follow-up from the director of hit The Pursuit of Happyness. Join Carlo and his friends in a film about listening to your heart, starting over and the power of family.

Escort in Love (Italy, 2011) Wednesday 13 February 8.30pm
When posh housewife Alice is left penniless after her husband dies, she risks losing her son and her house. Desperate for cash and with no skills, Alice turns to the world’s oldest profession – prostitution – with hilarious results.

Ages of Love (Italy, 2011) Thursday 14 February 8.30pm
Featuring an all-star cast including Monica Bellucci and Robert DeNiro, this sexy new romantic comedy explores the three stages of life – ‚ÄòYouth’, ‚ÄòMaturity’ and ‚ÄòBeyond’ – in three powerful stories of falling in love.


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