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  • April 4, 2016

From up-and-coming directors, to visionary writers and actors. Every Monday night World Movies showcases genuinely innovative cinema experiences from the best in independent film. Be original.

The Kid (United Kingdom, 2010) – Monday 10 September 9.30pm
This is the real life story of Kevin Lewis, who grew up in a poverty-stricken London council estate with an abusive, neglectful mother. He was bullied at school and abandoned by social services, and soon found himself mixed up in a criminal underworld where he was known only as ‚ÄòThe Kid’. His story of overcoming all odds and making a better life for himself is brought to life on the screen by director Nick Moran, starring Ioan Gruffud (Fantastic Four) and Alfie Allen (Game of Thrones).

The Cake Eaters (USA, 2007) – Monday 17 September 9.30pm
This quirky, ensemble drama follows two dysfunctional families living in rural America, who are brought together by the return of one family’s son. Guy comes home from chasing his rock star dreams in the big city when he hears his mother has died and he’s missed the funeral. His presence exposes the affairs and secret loves of the two families, forcing everyone to begin again in the face of their greatest fears.

Last Ride (Australia, 2009) – Monday 24 September 9.30pm
When his father bundles him into the car in the middle of the night, ten-year-old Chook knows something is wrong. On the run from the law after committing a violent crime, the father (Hugo Weaving) and son (Tom Russell) duo escape into the Australian desert and must face up to their troubled relationship in order to survive. This acclaimed Australian film is an unforgettable love story between parent and child.

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