WM Horror in March

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  • WM Horror in March
  • World Movies admin
  • April 4, 2016

Lock the doors and turn down the lights, as World Movies brings you the latest chills and freshest kills from around the world every Friday night in March. Stay up late as we celebrate spine-tingling cinema, with five films sourced from the darkest corners of the world.

We Are What We Are (Mexico, 2010) Friday 2 March 9.30pm
When the father of an inner-city Mexican family dies suddenly on the street, his wife and children are left to fend for themselves. However this is no ordinary family – they harbour a dark tradition of kidnapping and eating other humans. In this grittily filmed Australian television premiere horror story, the cannibal family struggle to source new meals, and soon have the police on their trail after the father’s autopsy reveals his unusual diet.

The Matrimony (China, 2007) Friday 9 March 9.30pm
Despite marrying Sansan (Liu Rene), Junchu (Leon Lai) still pines for his late fiancé. When her ghost appears, Sansan is forced to broker a supernatural deal with the spirit.

The Silent House (Uruguay, 2010) Friday 16 March 9.30pm
This Australian television premiere is based on true events in Uruguay; a relentlessly terrifying film of a house that holds murderous secrets. Arriving late one night in a house off the beaten track, Laura and her father Wilson intend on staying the night to begin refurbishing it the next morning. Laura begins to hear strange noises that get louder on the second floor of the house, and sends her father to investigate. What they find will begin a roller-coaster of terror, filmed in one single take, to showcase how real fear unfolds in real time.

I Saw The Devil (South Korea, 2010) – Friday 23 March 9.30pm
A dangerous psychopath sparks a vengeful game of cat and mouse when his latest murder is the pregnant fiancé of Elite Special Agent Soo-Hyun. The lines between good and evil fall away in this thrilling film.

5150 Elm’s Way (Canada, 2009)Friday 30 March 9.30pm
This Australian television premiere psychological thriller follows the story of Yannick, who falls off his bike while travelling up the quiet street of Elm’s Way. Seeking assistance he stumbles into number 5150, the home of Jack Beaulilieu and his family. Soon Jack reveals himself as a delusional psychopath who wants to rid the world of evil. After torturing Yannick he makes him an offer; one game of chess will decide Yannick’s fate, and if he wins he will be free to go. But will he be able to maintain his sanity even if he makes it out alive?


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