WM: Gilles Lellouche

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  • WM: Gilles Lellouche
  • World Movies admin
  • April 4, 2016

Gilles Lellouche has quickly become one of the hottest stars of modern French cinema. Having appeared in more than 30 films since 1995, he continues to grow in popularity thanks to acclaimed performances in the country’s biggest films. World Movies celebrates Gilles Lellouche with three nights of films showcasing his best performances – including business drama ‚ÄòMy Piece of the Pie’, thriller ‚ÄòPoint Blank’ and the international smash-hit ‚ÄòLittle White Lies’.


Monday 11 March 8.30pm
My Piece Of The Pie (France, 2011)

From the director of The Spanish Apartment and Russian Dolls comes a comedy about France, a single mother who loses her job and is forced to take work as a cleaner for a wealthy businessman.

Tuesday 12 March 8.30pm
Point Blank (France, 2010)

One night nurse Samuel saves the life of a mysterious car accident victim and soon realises the man he has saved is a violent criminal. After his wife is kidnapped he is drawn into a web of crime and corruption.

Wednesday 13 March 8.30pm
Little White Lies (France, 2010)

With an all-star cast and killer soundtrack, this is France’s answer to The Big Chill. When Ludo is left in a coma, his friends gather together for a vacation where passions and truths come to the surface.

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