WM Focus On: Pedro Almodóvar

Monday 3rd November - Tuesday 4th November at 8.30pm

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  • WM Focus On: Pedro Almod√≥var
  • World Movies admin
  • April 4, 2016

Coming in November, World Movies puts the spotlight on renowned Spanish film director Pedro Almod√≥var. Known for his complex narratives, derisive humour, and stunningly crafted imagery, Pedro and his very Spanish flavours are portrayed by World Movies through Volver and I’m So Excited!

Volver (2006, Spain)
Monday 3 November 8.30pm
Pedro Almodovar’s enchanting tale of family, death and superstition won critical acclaim internationally, including Best screenplay and Best Actress (Penelope Cruz) at Cannes International Film Festival 2006.

I’m So Excited! (2013, Spain)
Tuesday 4 November 8.30pm – Australian Television Premiere
Gleefully returning to his raunchy camp style, Oscar-winning director Pedro Almod√≥var delivers a biting satire on contemporary Spanish politics – the biting in this case being outrageously playful and sexually suggestive. Ten thousand feet in the air, Mexico-bound Peninsula Flight 2549 runs into trouble when its landing gear malfunctions, and the plane is put in a holding pattern. On board, the cabin crew deal with the situation by putting economy class to sleep (with the help of some handy drugs) and breaking out the tequila and mescaline in business class, where the passengers include a virgin psychic, a dominatrix, a soap star and a corrupt banker. With a top-notch cast of Spain’s finest acting including Javier C√°mara (Talk To Her) Cecilia Roth (All about my Mother), Lola Due√±as (Volver), Blanca Su√°rez (The Skin I Live In) and featuring special appearances from Penélope Cruz, Antonio Banderas and Paz Vega. I’m So Excited! a screwball farce in vintage Almod√≥varian style.

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