WM Documentary: Roberto Benigni

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  • WM Documentary: Roberto Benigni
  • World Movies admin
  • April 4, 2016

Before the fame of his Academy Award winning film Life Is Beautiful, Roberto Benigni had a fascinating career in front and behind the camera in the US and Italy. This special examines the man who created one of the world’s most successful foreign films, from his starring roles in several Jim Jarmusch movies, to his successful production partnership with Vincenzo Cerami.

It also details the development of Life Is Beautiful, which is based partly on Benigni’s father’s experiences of years spent in a concentration camp. This enthralling documentary features movie clips and interviews from film luminaries such as Jim Stark (Producer of Jim Jarmusch’s films) and Evening Standard critic Derek Malcolm.

Followed by Life is Beautiful at 8.30pm.

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