WM Cult: Best of the Worst

Monday 10 August - Saturday 15 August 2015

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  • WM Cult: Best of the Worst
  • World Movies admin
  • April 4, 2016

Over five indulgent nights starting Monday 10 August, World Movies presents a series of films that are so bad, they’re good, as we showcase five of the world’s best bad films in WM CULT: BEST OF THE WORST. World Movies will then air all five films in a marathon screening on Saturday 15 August.

Hosted by film historian Andrew Mercado, this delectable serving of guilty pleasures includes the Demi Moore show-stopper Striptease, the decade’s biggest cult-film The Room, the ridiculous outback comedy Welcome to Woop Woop, the big haired and rowdy 80s romp Road House and the infamous Deep Throat.

STRIPTEASE – Monday 10 August 9.30pm
Demi Moore stars as former FBI secretary Erin Grant, who loses custody of her young daughter Angela to her ex-husband Darrell. In order to afford an appeal, Erin becomes a stripper at the Eager Beaver, a Miami strip club.

‚ÄúThe film’s premise is thinner than the heroine’s G-string.‚Äù Washington Post

THE ROOM – Tuesday 11 August 9.30pm
Generous, caring Johnny is beloved by everyone – everyone except for his sociopathic fiancée Lisa, who decides to seduce his best friend. A bona fide classic of midnight cinema, Tommy Wiseau’s misguided masterpiece is full off inept acting, moronic one liners and an atrocious plot.

‚ÄúA movie so bad, so inept, so unbelievably painful, it’s almost impossible to comprehend anyone thought it would be great on-screen.‚Äù Cinema Crazed

WELCOME TO WOOP WOOP – Wednesday 12 August 9.30pm
An Australian woman kidnaps an American man and keeps him prisoner in her odd village, where denizens drink beer, curse and listen to U.S. show tunes. Rageous and racous, Stephan Elliott`s long-awaited follow-up to The Adventures Of Priscilla Queen Of The Desert is deliberately designed to offend.

“Finally a Rocky Horror Show to greet the millennium” America Online

ROAD HOUSE – Thursday 13 August 9.30pm
James Dalton (Patrick Swayze) is a professional bouncer with a mysterious past who is enticed from his current job at a club in New York to take over security at a club, in Jasper, Missouri. In the 25 years since its release, the films has become a cult classic, both for its over-the-top fight scenes and Swayze’s mock-philosophical dialogue and awesome hair.

“Mindless entertainment of the highest order.” Timeout

DEEP THROAT – Friday 14 August 9.30pm
A young woman tries everything to cure her sexual frustration, until she discovers the key to her satisfaction is in her throat. The film stars Linda Lovelace, and became the most famous movie of its time.

“No star rating.” Roger Ebert

WM CULT: BEST OF THE WORST 9.30pm Monday 10 August – Friday 14 August. Followed by a marathon screening of all five films Saturday 15 August.

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