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  • WM Catherine Deneuve
  • World Movies admin
  • September 20, 2011

The names speak for themselves – they are the brightest stars of world cinema. Every month World Movies showcases three of their most iconic films over three consecutive nights.
This month, enjoy the work of beautiful French actress Catherine Deneuve.

8 WOMEN (2002, France)
Tuesday 13 September

Directed by Fran√ßois Ozon and based on the play by Robert Thomas, the film is set in the 1950s in a large country residence, where a family and its servants are preparing for Christmas, when the master of the house is discovered stabbed to death in his bed. Catherine Deneuve plays Gaby, the victim’s wife and is one of eight women in the house at the time. As investigations continue and the truth unfolds, each woman has a tale to tell and secrets to hide.

BELLE DE JOUR (1967, France)
Wednesday 14 September
Directed by Luis Bunuel and based on the novel by Joseph Kessel. Screen icon Catherine Deneuve plays Séverine, the glacially beautiful, sexually unfulfilled wife of a surgeon, whose blood runs icy with ennui until she takes a day-job in a brothel and meets a sinister young gangster (Pierre Clémenti) . With couture by Yves Saint Laurent, Deneuve is ice cool and untouchable as the bored wife who turns to prostitution. Belle de jour was originally released in 1967 and won the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival that year.

HIDDEN DIARY (2009, France)
Thursday 15 September
Directed by Julie Lopes-Curval, a timid young woman (Marina Hands) stumbles across a diary that unveils long-held family secrets of her mother (Catherine Deneuve) and grandmother (Marie-Josee Croze), which explain the root of the hostilities and anger that have plagued the family for three generations.




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