WM: Cannes marathon

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  • WM: Cannes marathon
  • World Movies admin
  • April 4, 2016

The prestigious Cannes Film Festival is regarded as the most influential film event of the year, particularly for international cinema. This year we celebrate Cannes on the day the 2013 Festival begins, with three films back-to-back that have taken out the top prizes.

Palme d’Or winner and World Movies premiere ‚ÄòThe White Ribbon’, directed by the acclaimed Michael Haneke, is a black and white mystery set in a small German town in the years before WWI. We’re also featuring Grand Prix winner ‚ÄòThe Kid With a Bike’ by the Dardenne Brothers, and the Jury Prize winning French drama ‚ÄòPolisse’.

Discover the finest Cannes films without leaving your living room, only on World Movies.

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