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  • April 4, 2016

From the seductive to the shocking – these films are for adults only. Every Saturday at 9.30pm World Movies pushes the boundaries and takes you into the darkest corners of cinema.

The Story of Richard O (France, 2007) – Saturday 4 February 9.30pm
In the sultry summer month of August, Richard O. (Mathieu Amalric) encounters a series of seductive women in Paris and willingly descends into the tortuous mysteries of eroticism.

Leap Year (Mexico, 2010) – Saturday 11 February 9.30pm
Laura lives alone in Mexico City where her life consists of one affair after another, until she embarks on an intense sexual relationship with Arturo. This is the Camera d’Or winning debut from Australian director Michael Rowe. Don’t miss this Australian Television Premiere.

Slovenian Girl (Slovenia, 2009) – Saturday 18 February 9.30pm
Alexandria (Nina Ivanisin) escapes small-town life for a new start in the city. She turns to prostitution to make her way, but comes to the attention of the police when a politician dies during an appointment.

Melissa P (Italy, Spain, 2005) – Saturday 25 February 9.30pm
Melissa P (Mar√≠a Valverde) plans to wreak revenge after she is spurned by Daniele, a boy she has her first sexual encounter with at a party. She soon becomes a modern day Lolita, in this steamy tale of raw emotion and discovering sexuality. Don’t miss this World Movies Premiere.

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