WM Adult: Summer of Sin

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  • WM Adult: Summer of Sin
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  • February 6, 2013

Getting hot and bothered has never been so enjoyable, as we feature the naughtiest WM Adult films seven nights a week over summer. We’re filling your sleepless nights with all things sultry and scandalous – starting 9.30pm every night during December and January. We’ve scoured the darkest and dirtiest corners of the cinematic world for a line-up of the sexiest premiere films, along with showcasing your all-time favourite adult movies.

Catch premiere films throughout December, including the sweat-soaked one night stand of Nuit #1, and the couples exploring their sexuality in the confronting Q. A prudish family reveal their lewd stories in the premiere of Sexual Chronicles of a French Family, while the classic story of Lolita seduces you on World Movies for the very first time.

January sees women leave behind their ordinary lives and embark on raunchy adventures in the premieres of A L’Adventure and Secret Things, while we look back to the classic Japanese erotic thriller Guilty of Romance. Things get saucy in far-away countries, with the Brazilian story of a call-girl who finds national fame in Bruna: Surfer Girl and the tale of two Iranian girls’ forbidden love affair in Circumstance.

We’re also bringing some of your favourites back to television, including Michael Winterbottom’s controversial 9 Songs, along with Lars von Trier’s exhilarating Antichrist starring Willem Dafoe and Charlotte Gainsbourg. Then there are the films that are must-sees for their names alone – including The Slut, Diary of a Nymphomaniac and Sex and Lucia

December films:

Saturday 1 December: The Slut (Germany, 2011)
Sunday 2 December: The Crime of Father Amaro (Mexico, 2002)
Monday 3 December: Enter the Void (Canada, 2009)
Tuesday 4 December: Melissa P (Italy, 2005)
Wednesday 5 December: Human Zoo (France, 2009)
Thursday 6 December: Novo (France, 2002)
Friday 7 December: Sleeping Beauty (Australia, 2011)
Saturday 8 December: Nuit No. 1 (Canada, 2011)
Sunday 9 December: Nathalie… (France, 2003)
Monday 10 December: Antichrist (Sweden, 2009)
Tuesday 11 December: The Housemaid (South Korea, 2010)
Wednesday 12 December: Eight Miles High (Germany, 2007)
Thursday 13 December: Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky (France, 2009)
Friday 14 December: Happy Few (France, 2010)
Saturday 15 December: Q (France, 2011)
Sunday 16 December: Jamón, jamón (Spain, 1992)
Monday 17 December: Romance (France, 1999)
Tuesday 18 December: 9 Songs (United Kingdom, 2004)
Wednesday 19 December: 3 (Germany, 2010)
Thursday 20 December: Lower City (Brazil, 2005)
Friday 21 December: Lie With Me (Canada, 2005)
Saturday 22 December: Sexual Chronicles Of A French Family (France, 2012)
Sunday 23 December: Sleeping Beauty (Australia, 2011)
Monday 24 December: Last Tango In Paris (France, 1973)
Tuesday 25 December: Lolita (USA, 1997)
Wednesday 26 December: Lollipop Monster (Germany, 2011)
Thursday 27 December: Death in Love (USA, 2008)
Friday 28 December: Sex and Lucia (Spain, 2001)
Saturday 29 December: Antichrist (Sweden, 2009)
Sunday 30 December: Anatomy of Hell (France, 2004)
Monday 31 December: An Old Mistress (France, 2007)

January films:

Tuesday 1 January: The Story of Richard O (France, 2007)
Wednesday 2 January: Elementary Particles (Germany, 2006)
Thursday 3 January: Y Tu Mama Tambien (Mexico, 2001)
Friday 4 January: Ah! The libido (France, 2009)
Saturday 5 January: A l’aventure (France, 2008)
Sunday 6 January: Swimming Pool (France, 2003)
Monday 7 January: 5×2 (France, 2003)
Tuesday 8 January: Sex, Parties and Lies (Spain, 2009)
Wednesday 9 January: The Mother (United Kingdom, 2003)
Thursday 10 January: Irreversible (France, 2003)
Friday 11 January: Guilty of Romance (Japan, 2011)
Saturday 12 January: Diary of a Nymphomaniac (Spain, 2008)
Sunday 13 January: Secret Things (France, 2002)
Monday 14 January: The Night Porter (Italy, 1974)
Tuesday 15 January: The French Kissers (France, 2009)
Wednesday 16 January: In the Realm of the Sense (Japan, 1976)
Thursday 17 January: Empire of Passion (Japan, 1978)
Friday 18 January: Battle in Heaven (Mexico, 2005)
Saturday 19 January: Sex, Parties and Lies (Spain, 2009)
Sunday 20 January: Nuit No. 1 (Cananda, 2011)
Monday 21 January: It Begins With The End (France, 2010)
Tuesday 22 January: Q (France, 2011)
Wednesday 23 January: Sexual Chonricles of a French Family (France, 2011)
Thursday 24 January: A l’aventure (France, 2008)
Friday 25 January: Bruna: Surfer Girl (Spain, 2011)
Saturday 26 January: Sleeping Beauty (Australia, 2011)
Sunday 27 January: Novo (France, 2001)
Monday 28 January: Circumstance (France, 2011)
Tuesday 29 January: Guilty of Romance (Japan, 2011)
Wednesday 30 January: The Story of Richard O (France, 2007)
Thursday 31 January: Battle in Heaven (Mexico, 2005)

*Special thanks to Coco Cubano, Darlinghurst for the shoot location.

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