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Every night December & January at 9.30pm

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  • January 24, 2014

Once again World Movies will be filling your screen with seductive and scandalous cinema from across the globe, as WM Adult: Summer of Sin returns to heat up your summer nights. From 9.30pm across every night in December and January, WM Adult: Summer of Sin presents a line-up of salacious premiere films. We’ve scoured the darkest and dirtiest corners of the cinematic world for a line-up of the sexiest premiere films, along with your all-time favourite adult movies.

Things heat up in December when a young woman who is engaged to be married finds herself in an affair with her stepmother’s lesbian daughter in the provocative Kiss Me (With Every Heartbeat). Recently unmasked as a fornicator by her shocked parents, Daniela struggles to find her own path to spiritual harmony in the sweat-inducing Young And Wild, and the dangerously delicious Day And Night sees two young women consider prostitution an adventure until reality catches up with them.

Sharing is caring in January as Richard and Bettina share a dirty little secret with their long-time friends Diego and Emilia: they live a double life as swingers, and are keen to share this practice with them in 2 Plus 2. Terminator meets Alien in The 3DD Invader, a sexy erotic-comedy where a beautiful, young female Alien from the year 2046 arrives on Earth in search of the healthiest human genes, so she can return to the future and rebuild the human race. When the private assistant of a wealthy socialite reveals her husband’s salacious affair, he is entangled in a web of sex, love and deceit that could threaten his life and career in The Taste of Money.

We’re also bringing in the New Year with a bang when WM Adult presents the Summer of Sin marathon, showcasing a selection of the finest December films back-to-back over 24hours starting at 12am on January 1.

Getting hot and bothered has never been so enjoyable.


Sunday 1 December Kiss Me (Sweden, 2011) Australian Television Premiere
Monday 2 December F*ck For Forest (Germany, Poland, 2012)
Tuesday 3 December We 3 (Brazil, 2011)
Wednesday 4 December Dark Sea (Italy, 2008)
Thursday 5 December Dogging: A Love Story (United Kingdom, 2009)
Friday 6 December Lolita’s Club (Spain, 2007)
Saturday 7 December Day and Night (Austria, 2010) Australian Television Premiere
Sunday 8 December Room In Rome (Spain, 2010)
Monday 9 December Meat (Netherlands, 2010)
Tuesday 10 December My Awkward Sexual Adventure (Canada, 2012)
Wednesday 11 December Beauty (France, Germany, South Africa, 2011)
Thursday 12 December A Frozen Flower (South Korea, 2008)
Friday 13 December Young and Wild (Spain, 2012)Australian Television Premiere
Saturday 14 December What More Do I Want? (Italy, Switzerland, 2010)
Sunday 15 December Original Sin (France, USA, 2001)
Monday 16 December Didi Hollywood (Spain, 2010)
Tuesday 17 December Talk To Me About Love (Italy, 2008)
Wednesday 18 December Call Girl (Sweden, 2012) Australian Television Premiere
Thursday 19 December House of Pleasures (France, 2011)
Friday 20 December Turn Me On, Goddammit (Norway, 2011)
Saturday 21 December Leap Year (Mexico, 2010)
Sunday 22 December Donkey Punch (United Kingdom, 2008)
Monday 23 December Viva Riva (Congo, 2010)
Tuesday 24 December Black & White & Sex (Australia, 2012)
Wednesday 25 December The Sex Of The Angels (Spain, 2011)
Thursday 26 December Intimacy (France, 2000) Australian Television Premiere
Friday 27 December Clip (Serbia, 2012)
Saturday 28 December How Much Do You Love Me? (France, Italy, 2005)
Sunday 29 December Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down! (Spain, 1989)
Monday 30 December Q (France, 2011)
Tuesday 31 December Kids (USA, 1995)


Wednesday 1 January WM Adult Marathon
Thursday 2 January 2 Plus 2 (Argentina, 2012)Australian Television Premiere
Friday 3 January To Paint Or Make Love (France, 2005)
Saturday 4 January Mediterranean Food (Spain, 2009)
Sunday 5 January Dark Sea (Italy, 2006)
Monday 6 January Eloise (Spain, 2009)
Tuesday 7 January House Of Pleasures (France, 2011)
Wednesday 8 January Kiss Me (With Every Heartbeat) (Sweden, 2011)
Thursday 9 January Baise Moi (France, 2000)
Friday 10 January Trash (Spain, 2009)
Saturday 11 January Meat (Netherlands, 2010)
Sunday 12 January Call Girl (Sweden, 2012)
Monday 13 January What More Do I Want? (Italy & Switzerland, 2010)
Tuesday 14 January Paper Castles (Spain, 2009)
Wednesday 15 January Young and Wild (Spain, 2012)
Thursday 16 January F*ck For Forest (Germany & Poland, 2012)
Friday 17 January The 33D Invader (Hong Kong, 2011)Australian Television Premiere
Saturday 18 January Intimacy (France, 2000)
Sunday 19 January A Frozen Flower (South Korea, 2008)
Monday 20 January Lolita’s Club (Spain, 2007)
Tuesday 21 January Clip (Serbia, 2012)
Wednesday 22 January Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky (France, 2009)
Thursday 23 January The Taste Of Money (S. Korea, 2012)Australian Television Premiere
Friday 24 January Didi Hollywood (Spain, 2010)
Saturday 25 January Do Me Love (France, 2009)
Sunday 26 January Trash (Spain, 2009)
Monday 27 January How Much Do You Love Me? (France & Italy, 2005)
Tuesday 28 January Mediterranean Food (Spain, 2009)
Wednesday 29 January Enter The Void (Canada, France, Germany & Italy, 2009)
Thursday 30 January Artificial Paradises (Brazil, 2012)
Friday 31 January Elles (France, 2011) Australian Television Premiere

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