WM Adult: Steamy Doxxx

Monday 7 March - Friday 11 March 2016 9.30pm

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  • April 8, 2016

Tune in for 5 nights of sex education, World Movies style in WM Adult: Steamy Doxxx.

Monday 7 March 9.30pm
The ABCs of Love and Sex (Australia, 1978)
This Aussie exploitation film is a tongue-in-cheek sex education documentary that covers a different subject over 26 sequences, each based on a letter of the alphabet. This is the holy grail of true-blue retro skinema.

Tuesday 8 March 9.30pm
La Bare (USA, 2013)
Joe Manganiello (Magic Mike) steps behind the camera for La Bare, a documentary film that goes behind the curtain, behind the stage and behind the magic of the world’s most popular male strip club – La Bare Dallas. Featuring a unique ensemble of the club’s most popular dancers, La Bare takes a provocative look into their rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle and offers a front row seat to their lives, loves, laughs and losses.

Wednesday 9 March 9.30pm
Like A Pascha (Sweden, 2010)
Explore the world of Pascha – the biggest brothel in Europe. 112-stories tall and located in the middle of Cologne, Germany, the hotel-like infrastructure houses nearly 200 of the world?s hardest-working sex workers.

Thursday 10 March 9.30pm
Australia After Dark (Australia, 1975)
Australia After Dark is an expose of Kings Cross strip clubs and shady sexual liaisons in backrooms. This is the seamy side of the early 70s in Australia, and sexy segments include burlesque striptease, body-painting, snake-eating, mud-wrestling, a gay wedding, and witchcraft.

Friday 11 March 9.30pm
A History Of Sex (USA, 2003)
An insight into the life of Andres Serrano, the artist that set the world on fire with his controversial work Piss Christ. This documentary is an exploration of the work and soul of this acclaimed artist, how he creates his haunting and explicit images. It takes us deep into Amsterdam and the back drops Serrano uses for what is one of his most confronting and moving series of works.

Saturday 12 March from 9.30pm
WM Adult: Steamy Doxxx Marathon

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