WM Adult: Stars, Stripes & Sex

Friday 22nd August - Sunday 24th August 9.30pm

Australian Television Premiere

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  • WM Adult: Stars, Stripes & Sex
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  • April 4, 2016

Over one salacious weekend, World Movies Adult presents the sexiest, most provocative films in American independent cinema.

The Canyons
(USA, 2013)

Friday 22 August 9.30pm Australian Television Premiere
Manipulative and scheming young movie producer Christian makes films to keep his trust fund intact, while his actress girlfriend and bored plaything, Tara, hides a passionate affair with an actor from her past. When Christian becomes aware of Tara’s infidelity, they are thrust into a violent, sexually charged tour through the dark side of human nature.
Stars Lindsay Lohan, James Deen and Nolan Gerard Funk.

(USA, 2013)

Saturday 23 August 9.30pm Australian Television Premiere
Director Christina Voros and producer James Franco pull back the curtain on the fetish empire of Kink.com. This feature documentary goes behind the scenes with the internet’s largest producer of BDSM pornography, exploring a fascinating and often misunderstood subculture.

(USA, 2012)

Sunday 24 August 9.30pm Australian Television Premiere
Angelina is a troubled 18-year-old girl on the verge of finishing high school. She moves to San Francisco, and aligns herself with a well-off, cocaine-addicted lawyer who offers to introduce her to a different kind of world – a place full of expensive dresses and fancy parties. Simultaneously, Angelina begins to explore the San Francisco porn industry.
Stars James Franco, Lili Taylor and Heather Graham.


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