WM Adult: Ménage √† trois

Friday June 20th - Sunday June 22nd, 9.30pm

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  • WM Adult: Ménage √† trois
  • World Movies admin
  • June 12, 2014

We know two’s company – and sometimes, three really isn’t a crowd. Across one steamy weekend this June, settle in for a weekend filled with three heart-racing French films as part of WM Adult: Ménage √† trois.

Friday 20 June 9.30pm: Emmanuelle III (France, 1977)
Emmanuelle (Sylvia Kristel) and her husband engage in a myriad of extra-marital affairs. Their arrangement seems to work out fine, until Emmanuelle’s pursuit of a seemingly uninterested film director sparks her husband’s jealousy.

Saturday 21 June 9.30pm: Augustine (France, 2012)
This sensual tale of female sexual awakening follows 19-year-old hysteria patient Augustine, the star of Professor Charcot’s experiments in hypnosis, as she transitions from object of study to object of desire.

Sunday 22 June 9.30pm: Wild Camp (France, 2005)
Camille, 17, is caravan camping with her family at a lake in Gironde, where she’s bored, pouty, and, toward her parents, foul-mouthed and rebellious. Her summer boyfriend, Fred, seems too young for her, so she starts hanging around Blaise, the camp’s new sailing instructor, in part to make Fred jealous. Blaise is twice as old as Camille, is married to the camp manager’s sister, and has a child. He’s also homely and down and out. Blaise and Camille both seem to have a point to prove, but where can this flirtation go?

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