WM Adult in June

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  • WM Adult in June
  • World Movies admin
  • April 4, 2016

From the seductive to the shocking – these films are for adults only. Every Saturday at 9.30pm World Movies pushes the boundaries and takes you into the darkest corners of cinema. Be 18+.

Melissa P (Italy, 2005) – Saturday 2 June 9.30pm
Melissa plans to wreak revenge after she is spurned by Daniele, a boy she has her first sexual encounter with at a party. She soon becomes a modern day Lolita in this tale of emotion and discovering sexuality.


Room In Rome (Spain, 2010) – Saturday 9 June 9.30pm
Director Julio Medem’s beautifully-crafted erotic drama takes place within a Rome hotel room where two recently acquainted women embark on a sexual adventure.


What More Do I Want? (Italy, 2010) – Saturday 16 June 9.30pm
Bored with her current relationship, 30-something Anna (Alba Rohrwacher) finds the excitement she craves in an affair with a colleague, who has a wife and children of his own.


Shortbus (USA, 2006) – Saturday 23 June 9.30pm
A sexually, politically and socially probing comedy-drama from award winning director John Cameron Mitchell, takes us to a Brooklyn sex salon to explore a vast range of hedonistic desires, often with hilarious results.


The Sea Purple (Italy, 2009) – Saturday 30 June 9.30pm
As Angela’s (Valeria Solarino) friendship with Sara (Isabella Ragonese) blossoms into love, the couple act on their feelings – with dire consequences in their 19th-century Sicilian village.

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