WM: Adult in August

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  • WM: Adult in August
  • World Movies admin
  • April 4, 2016

From the seductive to the shocking – these films are for adults only.
Every Saturday at 9.30pm World Movies pushes the boundaries and takes you into the darkest corners of cinema.

Enter The Void (Canada, France, Italy, Germany, 2009) – Saturday 4 August 9.30pm
Gaspar Noe’s follow up to the controversial Irreversible premiered at Cannes 2009, shows the underside of Tokyo through the eyes of two young tourists working as a stripper and a drug dealer.

The Piano Teacher (France, 2001) – Saturday 11 August 9.30pm
Winner of Best Actor and Best Actress at Cannes. Isabelle Huppert and Benoit Magimel star in a confronting tale of morbid voyeurism and masochistic self-mutilation that created international controversy.

Shortbus (USA, 2006) – Saturday 18 August 9.30pm
A sexually, politically and socially probing comedy-drama from award winning director John Cameron Mitchell, takes us to a Brooklyn sex salon to explore a vast range of hedonistic desires, often with hilarious results.

Romance (France, 1999) – Saturday 25 August 9.30pm
Initially refused classification in Australia, the notorious film about a women testing her sexual boundaries in her search for intimacy and fulfilment. An intelligent and disturbing film by Catherine Breillat.

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