WM Adult: Emmanuelle

Every Sunday in April 9.30pm

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  • WM Adult: Emmanuelle
  • World Movies admin
  • April 4, 2016

Over each Sunday night in April, WM Adult presents the first four installments of the infamous Emmanuelle film series, which follows a young woman’s awakening to new sexual horizons. Sylvia Kristel became a star with her portrayal of the salacious Emmanuelle, the suppressed wife of a diplomat. By virtue of her husband’s profession, Emmanuelle is introduced to a number of handsome, virile men and beautiful, adventurous women, all more than willing to escort the sheltered young woman to the farthest reaches of sensuality.

Emmanuelle (France, 1974)
Sunday 6 April 9.30pm
In Bangkok, Emmanuelle (Sylvia Kristel), the young wife of a French diplomat, enters the world of sensuality and sexual passion. Guided by the mature Mario (Alain Cuny), and with the complicity of her husband (Daniel Sarky), she discovers the delights of eroticism and lets herself slide into pleasure. Based on the controversial book by Emmanuelle Arsan, Emmanuelle remains a ground-breaking picture: the first openly erotic film meant for the general public.

Emmanuelle II (France, 1975)
Sunday 13 April 9.30pm – Australian Television Premiere
In the first of many sequels to the original salacious drama, Emmanuelle (Sylvia Kristel) returns to her husband in Hong Kong and proceeds to have several extramarital affairs – with his knowledge, of course. Her husband’s lover and American guest are both very puzzled by their openness.

Emmanuelle III (France, 1977)
Sunday 20 April 9.30pm – Australian Television Premiere
In the third instalment of this salacious film series, Emmanuelle III follows the adventures of Emmanuelle (Sylvia Kristel) as she and her husband engage in a myriad of extra-marital affairs. Their arrangement seems to work out fine, until Emmanuelle’s pursuit of a seemingly uninterested film director sparks her husband’s jealousy.

Emmanuelle IV (France, 1984)
Sunday 27 April 9.30pm – Australian Television Premiere
Emmanuelle (Sylvia Kristel) decides to go to Brazil for plastic surgery in order to escape an ex-lover. She emerges as a blonde with a new body, and proceeds to go after the very lover she wanted to avoid in the first place. Untouched by the later fear of AIDS, the new Emmanuelle seduces anyone who strikes her fancy, male or female, and when no one is available, that does not stop her either.

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