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  • WM: Action
  • World Movies admin
  • April 4, 2016

On Friday nights in March the best action films from Asia burst into your lounge room. Heart-stopping, karate-chopping and pulse-racing cinema from the genre-masters and hottest stars.

Legend of the Fist: Return of Chen Zhen Friday 1 March 6.40pm
When Chen Zhen (Donnie Yen) returns from fighting in WWI, he assumes the identity of wealthy playboy “Ku” by day, and as a masked vigilante on the streets at night fighting the jJapanese invasion of Shanghai.

Athena Friday 22 March 7.25pm
Jung-woo, an Anti-Terrorism agent, is assigned on a mission in Italy while he is getting involved with Hae-in who works at the National Intelligence Service. They are drawn into an international incident when the South Korean president’s daughter is kidnapped by terrorists when Korean develops a new nuclear technology that will shake the world energy market.

Poongsan Friday 29 March 7.25pm
A young man names Poongsan fearlessly journeys between North and South Korea to deliver the messages and longings of separated families. One day the South Korean government asks him to sneak into the North to bring over In-oak, the lover of a high-ranking North Korean defector. However Poongsan and In-Oak have a dangerous journey home, and begin to fall in love.


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