WM: Action in September

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  • WM: Action in September
  • World Movies admin
  • April 4, 2016

On Friday nights the best action films from Asia burst into your lounge room. Heart-stopping, karate-chopping and pulse-racing. Be thrilled.

14 Blades (China, Hong Kong, Singapore, 2010) – Friday 14 September 9.30pm
Donnie Yen stars in this kung-fu thriller, as the leader of a secret service agency who is betrayed when the Imperial Court is overthrown. Written and directed by Daniel Lee (Three Kingdoms).

Demon Empire(Korea, 2006) – Friday 21 September 9.30pm
From the Oscar-winning creative team behind House Of Flying Daggers and Hero comes this epic cinematic adventure set in AD 924. After the death of his fiancé, gifted fighter Yi Kwak joins the Royal Demon Hunting Squad.

Fireball (Thailand, 2009) – Friday 28 September 9.30pm
When Tai discovers his twin brother violently beaten into a coma he vows to take revenge. He must risk everything by joining the dangerous game of Fireball, where opponents maim and murder each other to win.

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