WM Action in May

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  • WM Action in May
  • World Movies admin
  • April 4, 2016

On Friday nights the best action films from Asia burst into your lounge room. Heart-stopping, karate-chopping and pulseracing. Be thrilled. This May, World Movies presents the Australian television premieres of 14 Blades and Outrage, two action flicks not to be missed!

The Warlords (China, Hong Kong, 2007) – Friday 4 May 9.30pm
Three sworn blood brothers go to war in the midst of one of China’s most violent periods in history with moments of gripping intensity, heroic bloodshed and vengeance. Stars Jet Li.

14 Blades (China, Hong Kong, Singapore, 2010) – Friday 11 May 9.30pm
Written and directed by Daniel Lee (Three Kingdoms) and featuring a cast of China’s biggest stars, this Australian television premiere is the action packed story of a secret service agent in the Ming dynasty. As the leader of the secret force Jinyiwei, Qinglong (Yen) is betrayed while on a mission after a corrupt eunuch takes control of the Imperial Court. With his former comrades turned against him, he must battle to return the former Emperor to power.


Robogeisha (Japan, 2009) – Friday 18 May 10.25pm
Yoshie (Aya Kiguchi) is an ill-treated assistant geisha who is recruited to join the Hidden Geishas – a gang of cyborg assassins. But she soon discovers her new boss is the bad guy.


Outrage (Japan, 2010) – Friday 25 May 10pm
Takeshi Kitano’s latest yakuza film after Brother, this is the story of a struggle for power between the heads of Tokyo’s gangs. When gang leader Ototomo learns that his right-hand-man Ikemoto has forged an alliance with the drug-dealing Murase family, he is not pleased. The ensuing retaliation triggers violent killings and territorial invasions, while the police are too corrupt to intervene. An Australian television premiere title not to be missed.

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