WM Action in December

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  • WM Action in December
  • World Movies admin
  • April 4, 2016

On Friday nights the best action films from Asia burst into your lounge room. Heart-stopping, karate-chopping and pulse-racing. Be thrilled.

Friday 7 December 7.40pm – The Incite Mill: 7 Day Death Game (Japan, 2010)
From the creator of Japan’s smash horror hit Ringu, comes the terrifying story of ten people who agree to take the same lucrative “job”, but find themselves locked in an underground complex and forced to play a murder game for seven days.


Friday 14 December 7.30pm – Wu Xia (Hong Kong, 2012)
Liu Jinxi and his wife Yu are an ordinary couple with two sons, living happily together in a small Chinese village. When bandits enter the town one day and attempt to rob the general store, Liu is caught in the middle and ends up killing them both in the ensuing fight. While he is awarded for his bravery, the deadly skill that the otherwise humble Liu showed in the fight begins to raise suspicions, as authorities discover he is actually a wanted criminal.


Friday 21 December 7.30pm – Reign of Assassins (China, 2010)
In Ancient China, Drizzle (Michelle Yeoh) is the most deadly and ruthless assassin. After a life of theft and murder, she seeks to atone for her ways. She starts a new life in the capital, but her old gang are hot on her trail.


Friday 28 December 7.25pm – Battle Royale – Director’s Cut (Japan, 2000)
For the first time on TV catch the Director’s Cut of this cult classic. In the near future, a randomly selected class of school children is taken to a deserted island where they must fight to the death.

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