What we’re listening to ‘ ‘Soundtrack Sundays’ on SBS Chill

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  • What we’re listening to ‘ ‘Soundtrack Sundays’ on SBS Chill
  • World Movies admin
  • December 3, 2013

Here at World Movies we love nothing more than the magic of a film soundtrack. The highs, the lows, the suspense and the emotion – everything seems amplified when accompanied with just the right touch of music.

Who could ever forget the haunting tense string overture of Requiem for a Dream, or the vulnerable heart-felt melodies of the Oscar-winning Once? We’re enchanted by how a film’s score has the ability to completely change the way you experience and remember a story.

If you’re also a fan of the musical side of movies, we think you’ll be interested in our go-to Sunday evening listening on SBS Chill – Soundtrack Sundays.

Every Sunday from 5pm-6pm SBS Chill takes you for an hour-long journey through the soundtracks of some of the finest films from across the globe. From tracks featured in iconic classics, indie favourites or the latest international films – there’s something there for all tastes.

SBS Chill can be found on Digital Radio and brings you a taste of relaxed chilled out tunes from around the world, twenty-four hours a day. It aims to give you a break from the stress of work, the rush that is daily life and all the complexities of your world.

As well as on Digital Radio, you can also find SBS Chill by:
– Downloading it via iTunes / GooglePlay
– Using the SBS Chill iPhone App
– Tuning into SBS Radio 3 on free to air TV from 6pm every evening and 10pm Friday – 11am Tuesday.

Check out the SBS Chill Facebook page here and the SBS Chill website here.

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