We’re loving these playful Movie Kits

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  • We’re loving these playful Movie Kits
  • World Movies admin
  • May 19, 2015

French filmmaker and graphic designer Alizée Lafon’s Movie Kits series features illustrated depictions of popular films. The minimalist posters each include a handful of key items significant to the film that are portrayed through simple illustrations, symmetrical layouts, and unique colour palettes. Lafon’s clean and simple style results in creative interpretations that tell playful stories with just a few simple objects.

Who can forget the binoculars in Moonrise Kingdom, the yellow van in Little Miss Sunshine or the motorbike in Pulp Fiction? You may also have fun working out the references to some of the lesser well-known items.

Can you work out what all the items refer to?

kit 7

Kit 6

Kit 1

Kit 5

Kit 4

Kit 3

kit 2

kit 7


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