Turn Me On, Goddammit (Norway, 2011)

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  • Turn Me On, Goddammit (Norway, 2011)
  • World Movies admin
  • April 4, 2016

One boring town. One teenage girl. One million hormones.

15 year old Alma lives with her best friend in a sleepy village in the mountains of Norway, and is consumed by her out-of-control fantasies. Yearning to escape and battling her hormones, she can’t help but dream about every man she meets. Until she meets Artur one day, and her daydreams turn into a reality.

Turn Me On, Goddammit is showing as part of WM: Adult’s Hottest Winter Ever. Tune in with 30 of our most scandalous and saucy films every night of June at 9.30pm.

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