Our top ten sexiest film characters of all time

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  • Our top ten sexiest film characters of all time
  • World Movies admin
  • February 23, 2015

It’s time to turn on the television and turn up the heat as WM Summer of Sin returns from tomorrow to spice up your summer, every night at 9.30pm. We dare you to join us and watch some of the sexiest, naughtiest and most provocative films from around the globe.

To whet your appetite for what’s in store, we’re taking a look at some of sexiest film characters of all time.


Julie: Swimming Pool (France, 2003)
In Francois Ozon’s thriller Swimming Pool, Julie (Ludivine Sagnier) is a young French girl who loves sunbaking, sleeping with older men and has an obvious distain for wearing shirts. Her sweaty sensuality makes for a tantalizing and sexually entertaining film.


Tyler Durden: Fight Club (USA, 1999)
Any number of films starring Brad Pitt could have made this list, but we couldn’t look past the one which replaced eroticism with all-male locker room fights – Fight Club. Directed by David Fincher, this darkly comic drama follows Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt) the leader of an underground fight club. Sexy, serious and shirtless – Tyler is a heart throb with a bad boy edge.


Maria Elena: Vicky Cristina Barcelona (Spain, 2008)
Maria Elena (Penelope Cruz) in Woody Allen‘s Vicky Cristina Barcelona only has 15 minutes of screen time but still manages to steal the show. Cruz plays an unhinged ex with a fiery temperament who grabs attention by wearing the skimpiest of playsuits. And let’s not forget the infamous girl-on-girl kiss between Maria Elena and Cristina (Scarlett Johansson) – wow, just wow.


Romeo: Romeo + Juliet (USA, 1996)
Leo. Need we go on? Playing the lead in Baz Lurhmann‘s Romeo + Juliet is undoubtedly one of Leonardo Di Caprio’s most impassioned performances. Young, lustful and impulsive, Romeo exudes the kind of dizzying obsessive love that many dream of experiencing. We all know things turn sour in this end, but thank god we still get a full 120 minutes to look at Romeo’s gorgeous face.


Genevieve Le Theil: Love On a Pillow (France, 1962)
The character of Genevieve Le Theil (Bridgette Bardot) in Love On A Pillow well and truly fuels the flames of our more primitive yearnings. The nudity was a little more discreet in those days, but as this was during the height of Bardot’s stardom even an implication of her undressing had quite the impact. Over 50 years on, the character of Genevieve still manages to ignite the excitement of viewers.


Stanley Kowalski: A Streetcar Named Desire (USA, 1951)
Stanley Kowalski (Marlon Brando) in A Street Car Named Desire is a force of nature: primal, rough-hewn, brutish and sensual. Admittedly it defies logic, but somehow his rage, grunts, temper, fists, yells and anger-pumped arms exude sensuality – and we’re not complaining!


Nagiko: The Pillow Book (France, 1996)
Peter Greenway‘s The Pillow Book is a seductive and elegant story that follows Nagiko (Vivian Wu), a married fashion model who develops a fixation for finding a lover who will write calligraphy on her naked body. Wu is enchanting as the obsessive and sexually expressive character that perfectly embodies the passionate intensity of fetishes.


Young Joe: Nymphomaniac – Volumes I & II (Denmark, 2013)
“If I asked you to take my virginity, would that be a problem?”
Stacey Martin plays ‚ÄòYoung Joe’ in the epic movie double Nymphomaniac. Once she loses her virginity, she begins a quest to have as much sex and she possibly can. Although there is something disturbing about her mechanical nature with her conquests, there is no doubt that her unique prowess in attracting men is very tantalizing.


Cedric: Come Undone (France, 2000)
Cedric (Stéphane Rideau) is a mysterious, sexy teen who begins a passionate romance with 18-year-old Mathieu who is vacationing in his town. Their relationship is filled with erotic kisses, skinny-dipping, nude dancing on the beach and intense love-making in the dunes. Once you’ve seen Cedric without his shirt on, it becomes very clear why he’s on this list.


Betty: Betty Blue (France, 1986)
Oo la la! In this French romantic drama, Betty (Béatrice Dalle) is a sexually aggressive free spirit who strikes up a passionate relationship with a handyman by the beach. Although mentally unstable, Dalle’s performance as Betty is unbelievably alluring and seductive on screen.

For more sexy films, tune in to WM Summer of Sin from Friday 19 December 2014 – Sunday 18 January 2015, every night at 9.30pm EDT. Dare you to watch…



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